Antique Round Ball "Globe" Glass Doorknob Set

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3.500 LBS

Antique round ball "Globe" glass doorknob set. Set includes: 1 Pair doorknobs, 2 mounting escutcheons, 2 keyhole escutcheons, 1 mortise, 1 strike plate.

Knobs measure 2" in diameter, mounting escutcheons 1 7/8" diameter, keyhole escutcheons 1 7/16"w x 1 7/8"h.

Mortise body measures 3 3/8" deep x 3 5/"h x 5/8" thick, with 2 1/2" c to c hub to keyhole. Faceplate measures 1"w x 5 3/8"h.

All exposed metal is brass with a chrome finish. Keys and screws are not included.

Only 1 set available