1 Lot – Bronze Eastlake Window Locks and Lifts (6 Sets Total)

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6.000 LBS

1 lot of 6 sets – Bronze Eastlake Window Locks and Window Lifts, circa late 1800s.

Each set includes: 1 lock & catch and 1 recessed lift – the parts for 1 sash window assembly.

Sold as a lot only – Enough for 6 complete windows.

All in very good condition with the darkened patina of age.
The lift measures 3 3/4"w X 2"h X 1/2"d - The lock is 1 7/8" diameter, catch is 2 1/4"w X 1/2" at ends / 3/4" center depth.
All locks are in good working order. The lifts are a heavy cast w/ a 1/8" beveled edge.